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Saturday, October 19, 2013


'THE HARVEST IS GREAT BUT THE WORKERs ARE FEW" So pray to the Lord who is the owner of the harvest to send more workers into the feild. Luke 10 vs 2. We should pray seazelessly for many problems we are facing such as poverty, war, marritual problems, uneployment and many chains satan is using to connect God's childrens to him self.But our father will not allow the theif to break into your houses in older to kill, steal and distoy your soul. Submit to the Lord He has everlasting solutions for our problems. He is the co-creator of our lives, he know everything about you; your past, present as wello as your future. Indeed in bad or good times blessed is the Lord who has a mighty hand. Every knee shall bow and avery lip shall confess that he is a Living God. Jesus our Lord and savior always is our focal point when offering spitual prayer to Almight God. Amen!!!
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